Lern better with the Elephant App

Elephant streamlines the process of getting your internal knowledge effectively into the field.
It’s time to give your frontline teams easy access to information.
“I need information to be accessible, no matter my background”
“I don’t have the time to read endless documents”
“I need information quickly, and on my phone”
Designed to empower your staff in the field. Anywhere, anytime.
Learn anywhere, anytime!
Our short micro-learning modules allow for learning in any situation, making commutes and waiting times perfect opportunities for learning.
Maximized Learning Retention
With our gamified quiz-first approach learners are constantly engaged and motivated – making the knowledge stick.

Engaging and motivating.

Increase your learner engagement with motivating weekly goals and clear learning paths.


Interactive, playful and fun.

With versatile interactions and gamification the learner is constantly engaged. Learning becomes satisfying and fun.


Smart didactics.

With our innovative quiz-first approach we challenge the learner right from the start and give instant feedback when they get it wrong - this improves engagement and learning retention.


In every language.

Our platform can create automatic translation of your content in every language so you can upskill teams from all backgrounds.