Create better learning with less effort.

Elephant streamlines the process of getting your internal knowledge effectively into the field.
faster than manual
hours saved per month
Reduced cost for content creation
Instantly tranform your documents into interactive training courses.
Go from boring text to engaging, interactive micro-learning courses in seconds with our AI-Powered Coursebuilder
Step 1
Upload any
Manuals, SOPs, Onboarding Documents, Presentations and more
Step 2
Let our AI do
the magic
Based on your documents our AI generates a complete course with lessons and modules
Step 3
Finish and publish course
Add and revise content quickly and publish the course to the elephant App
With a wide variety of modules your knowledge will come to life!
Combine Quizzes, Videos and Flashcards into highly interactive learning experiences.
Sum up the most important in intruitive flashcards
Challenge the learner with engaging interactions
Image Picker
Use Images to convey information quickly and easily
Add short videos to your courses to deepen knowledge
True or False
Test the knowledge of your workforce with true of false questions

Translate your content in any language instantly.

Train staff from any background in their native language: We use machine learning and glossaries to translate industry-specific knowledge into any language!

Simple and Intuitive.
Anyone from your team can create complete courses with elephant in no time!
Easy Drag & Drop Controls
Simply drag and drop modules to create engaging courses quickly.
Edit content
blazingly fast.
In our Coursebuilder, adding and changing content is easier than ever!
Complete control in one view
No more endless clicking to get to the right lesson - see everything in one view.
Create bite-sized lessons with ease
User our diverse modules to break down complex information in easy-to-understand microlearning lessons.