The future of frontline training is AI powered.
Elephant streamlines the process of getting your internal knowledge effectively into the field.
This is how we help you achieve your goals
Get access the the knowledge they need.

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The Problem
Companies still rely heavily on documents to transfer knowledge.
Installation Manuals
One Pager
Quality Standards
Spec Sheets
Static documents perform poorly in the field.
Blue collar workers have busy schedules. They don’t have time to read them.
Vital Information gets lost and productivity suffers
Teams are held back by knowledge gaps, misunderstandings and costly errors happen.

Turn your knowledge into interactive training with one click.

Our AI-powered Coursebuilder creates complete courses with a variety of learning modules for you - in a matter of seconds.
A learning experience your staff will love
Bite sized, engaging and fun - our Elephant App is designed to motivate learners in the field.